ewo, a family business headquartered in South Tyrol, Italy, creates high-quality lighting systems for public spaces.
Founded in 2006 in Montreal, Canada, Lumenpulse is inspired to empower lighting designers with solutions that transform lighting challenges into innovative masterpieces.
In the drive for protection of our environment, the optimum solution for sustainable is to use zero energy for the provision of artificial lighting. How can we do this? Solar, the perfect power source!
Energyline is part of the Energylight Group; we are the industry leader in high quality sustainable linear systems for commercial spaces, designed and made in New Zealand.
Finishing is at Phos roots. It's something they feel passionate about, and a process that can only be perfected through precision, experience and dedication, using specific grades of material.
For us, quality means making no compromises and carrying out our work in a precise, responsible and solution oriented manner.
Castaldi Lighting Born in Italy with more than 80 years of experience in technical, architectural, indoor and outdoor lighting.
Gardens at Night is a Melbourne-based, Australian-owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of high quality, energy-efficient outdoor lighting products with particular attention paid to performance, aesthetics, and flexibility.
EAE understands the value of reliability. Whether it is mining, hazardous area applications, the world's busiest port or a 24-hours production line, lighting must perform and be relied upon to just to do its job. EAE ensure safe and sustainable project by building reliability into every product we supply.
ON Lichttechnik is an innovative lighting brand based in Germany, focusing on high-quality design and modern lighting control technologies
Penta Light was born in 1975 in Cabiate, Italy. While remaining faithful to their origins, Penta experiments with new solutions. Penta enriches our tradition with new expressive and aesthetic codes thanks to cutting-edge technology development and use.